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It all began while searching for a present for my best friend! Being bug hunters, lobster lovers and spending  years lobstering in and around Key West with good friends, we all wanted spiny lobster apparel of some sort…it could be just a hat or tee shirt, didn’t matter…but we only found Maine lobsters!  That really bugged us!  So, it was time to hatch a plan and break a leg!

My goal was to provide an upscale approach to displaying crustaceans on apparel by embroidery versus the less expensive methods of printing.  Additionally, I wanted to present the spiny lobster, blue crab or crawfish in a modest-sized fashion with applicable slogans.   You know, something semi- casual or even casual that wasn’t obtrusive or “screamed”.      

Charlene and BFF
My Florida BFF – in need of a spiny lobster hat!

After hiring and working months with a creative firm to produce the crustacean images, I wasn’t at all impressed with their results.  I ended up scrapping everything.  To the rescue came my daughter, Alli!

I am pleased and proud to share that these crustaceans are all original artistic creations drawn by my daughter, Alli, who happens to be on the autistic spectrum.  Her work is far superior to anything I had handsomely paid the professional graphic artist firm to produce!  It was meant to be!  I’m so excited she has another venue to display her amazing talent while fulfilling my desperate need!

In addition to a unique and upscale design, it is with intention that I provide quality products that are soft to touch.  That’s been a necessity for our daughter throughout her life and I’ve learned that softness comes with quality.  I’ve endeavored to go beyond the basic tee shirt and to introduce a variety of fashions from which to choose.

Now, my Florida based small business is fulfilling multiple purposes of providing quality crustacean apparel while utilizing my daughter’s exceptional artistic abilities and giving back to non-profit organizations supporting assistance to those on the autistic spectrum.

Thank you for visiting my website and I greatly appreciate your support.  I pledge to give you the best customer service possible.

And, yes, there will be more creations forthcoming from Alli!

Charlene T. Zarling

About Crave Crustaceans

Charlene T. Zarling, Crave Crustaceans is dedicated to, and passionate about providing exceptional quality clothing and accessories for discerning customers. From our beautiful artwork, to our outstanding embroidery, to the flair of our styles, to our support of Autism related charities, our passion is always evident. To learn more about us, click here.

The Artwork

We are proud to share that these crustaceans are all original artistic creations drawn by our Founder’s daughter, Alli, who happens to be on the autistic spectrum. Her work showcases her artistic vision with bright, fun, lifelike depictions of Florida lobsters, blue crabs and crawfish. Learn more about the artist.

Crab Art

Giving Back

It was 1992.  Very few had heard of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), that was, unless a child was non-communicative with major cognitive and/or social impairments, etc.

Not having yet had a child, we assumed Alli was stuck in “the terrible twos.”  After awhile, it became apparent there were other issues.  Finally, at age 12, she was accurately diagnosed with ASD.

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